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Sid at the InStyle Party

We have some photos of Sid at the TIFF InStyle party in the Gallery along with a report from The Globe and Mail:

Sid attends the TIFF InStyle party
Sid attends the TIFF InStyle party

What distinguishes this mixer from most of the others is that mixing does occur. While men made a beeline for Cairo Time actress Patricia Clarkson, I sat down to chat with her co-star Alexander Siddig and the film’s director Ruba Nadda.

I asked about their after-party from Sunday night which, regrettably, I missed. “It was cold,” summed up Mr. Siddig, which seemed ironic given that the movie makes a point of emphasizing the Egyptian capital’s heat.

The elegant, Sudanese-born British actor told me this was his first time to the pyramids since he was a teenager and that no, he does not smoke shisha like his character Tareq does in the film.

When Ms. Clarkson came over and slumped into his arms, seemingly exhausted by all the attention, Ms. Nadda said she was blessed that the two stars have such chemistry. “Either you have it or you don’t, and they’ve got it,” she said, adding that the swish party felt a little surreal given how she got started. “I came from guerrilla filmmaking; my films cost $500.”

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