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Photos, Information About Sid’s Role On Primeval – UPDATED

Alexander Siddig is currently working on Primeval, the ITV sci-fi series that’s filming two seasons back-to-back in Ireland. Information about his role has been sketchy, but the new issue of SFX magazine provides a little more insight into Philip Burton:

With most of the main characters stuck in the Mesozoic era, when the show returns there have been big changes back at base. The Anomaly Research Centre (ARC) is no longer just a government concern. “The ARC is under new management,”  producer Tim Bradley tells SFX’s Red Alert, “because the disappearance of key personnel has left Lester a bit stranded. So the old team is joined by new characters who deal with the situations that happened off camera between the two years. There’s this new character, Philip Burton [played by Deep Space Nine’s Alexander Siddig], who’s a venture capitalist, and he’s been brought in to finance the new ARC set-up. One of his main areas of interest is investigating the science behind the anomalies. He’s really filling what Cutter’s demise left – a bit of a gap in the scientific journey.

Updated 10.21.10: We now have a couple of photos of Sid in Primeval, courtesy of flip who scanned them from SFX magazine.

Alexander Siddig joins the cast of Primeval for seasons 4 and 5

Alexander Siddig on the set of Primeval

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