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Israeli Star Trek Site Interviews Sid

Israeli Star Trek fansite Starbase 972 interviewed Sid about his role in Miral, currently showing at various festivals, as well as his days as Dr. Julian Bashir and a bit about some upcoming projects. Here’s an excerpt:

Starbase972: What reviews did the movie receive so far?
Alexander: Mostly terrible reviews – one or two have been quite dramatic or hysterical. A lot focus has been on the casting of an Indian woman to play a Palestinian. I find it hard to understand the obsession some critics have with this kind of racial authenticity. In Star Trek we had to cast hundreds of aliens, we were never criticized for casting ordinary humans in these roles.

Starbase972: Is the movie balanced, in your opinion?
Alexander: Balance is often boring and movies have to take a position, usually siding with their protagonists. In this case the movie was about a young girl who became politicized after witnessing so many of her fellow youth losing their homes. She was educated in what was essentially an orphanage. There is no balance, just the truth as she saw it.

(Read the full interview here…)

About Mel

Mel started a fan site for Siddig in 1996, as a way to learn HTML and to promote his charitable endeavors. In 1998, he proposed that it become his official fan site; she quickly agreed and a long-distance friendship was born. You can reach Mel at mel[at]sidcity[dot]net.

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