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PRIMEVAL Returns to UK on May 24th

The new series of Primeval debuts on Watch in the UK on Tuesday, May 24th. The nail-biting climax of series four saw Connor confiding that the anomalies or ‘earthquakes in time’ are becoming frighteningly more frequent and will culminate in a destructive catastrophe unless they find a way to stop them.

As series five begins, the team embarks on a treacherous quest to prevent the ultimate disaster from striking.

Devised by ‘Walking With’ creators, Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines, Primeval V will deliver more incredible monsters and bigger, more powerful storylines, which audiences from the past four seasons have come to love.  The fifth season does not disappoint as the team battle with furious Lipleurodons, murderous Raptors and lethal Future Beetles.

Primeval V will be the most explosive series yet as viewers witness the addition of an intriguing new character, April, who promises to shake things up within the ARC.

The twists of the series do not stop here, just what exactly is Connor up to in his secret lab and does anyone really know what chief investor Phillip’s (Alexander Siddig) true motivations are?

Primeval is created by Tim Haines and Adrian Hodges and produced by Tim Bradley, starring Hannah Spearritt and Andrew- Lee Potts. Plus Ben Miller (Johnny English), Ciarán McMenamin (Jonathan Creek), Alexander Siddig (Star Trek), Ben Mansfield (Holby City) and Ruth Kearney (Gracie!).

Primeval V premieres on Watch on Tuesday 24th May at 8pm and ITV next year. No word yet on when it will air in North America.

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