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Sci-Fi Bulletin Interviews Sid About PRIMEVAL

Sci-Fi Bulletin has a new interview with Alexander Siddig about his role on Primeval in particular and in the sci-fi genre in general. Here’s an excerpt:

What’s the biggest challenge about Primeval?

In terms of my character alone, trying to keep the evolution of him and the general direction as he unfolds into this more and more maniacal character, which kicks off at the end of series four. Keeping him ambiguous and making sure people don’t guess exactly what his agenda is, keeping him attractive on a certain level yet filling people with a sense of dread and suspicion – that was the most delicate ball to juggle.

We were filming well out of order. Ben was doing his comedy routine all around the country so we had to accommodate his schedule. We knew he was going to be there for the end of the shoot, so we shot the very end right in the middle. I had to go from the climax right back to the guarded brilliant political manipulator. That was bizarre!

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About Mel

Mel started a fan site for Siddig in 1996, as a way to learn HTML and to promote his charitable endeavors. In 1998, he proposed that it become his official fan site; she quickly agreed and a long-distance friendship was born. You can reach Mel at mel[at]sidcity[dot]net.

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