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Alexander Siddig Tempts Jane Horrocks in LOVE LIFE


Alexander Siddig has filmed an installment of the new anthology series Love Life for Dominic Savage and Working Title Television in England. The series consists of five different improvised stories exploring the reality of love in the modern world and features leads like David Tennant and Jane Horrocks. Sid’s episode, the third, involves a woman (played by Horrocks) in a loveless marriage to a cheating husband who finds herself drawn to a Kurdish refugee (Sid’s character) who comes to her sleepy seaside town. Will she throw caution to the wind and turn the tables on her husband?

Sid filmed the episode in October and half-jokingly tells me it was a “terrifying” experience in improvisation. No rehearsal, just get in front of the cameras and go! “They say, ‘Action!’ and you say,  ‘um …’ type of improvisation,” he says.

Love Life will air on BBC One in 2012. We’ll update as soon as an exact date is announced.

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