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Happy Birthday, Sid! (UPDATED With Sid’s Response)

See Sid’s reply below.

It’s Sid’s birthday! Break out the bubbly and cake and join us in celebrating one of the nicest, most talented men you’ll ever meet. Some of the fans in the SidCity.net forums wrote up some birthday wishes for Sid, in acrostic form. Take a look:

Happy birthday, Sid!

Updated 11.22.11: Sid sent his own acrostic back in reply!

The cold I received on my birthday
Had no ribbon or wrapping or bow
And the cake that was baked
Never reached any plate,
Koz’ I sneezed when attempting to blow!

Your acrostics are lovely and kind.
Only wish I could pay you some way,
Unless, perhaps, any of you would like some help blowing out the candles on your special day?


About Mel

Mel started a fan site for Siddig in 1996, as a way to learn HTML and to promote his charitable endeavors. In 1998, he proposed that it become his official fan site; she quickly agreed and a long-distance friendship was born. You can reach Mel at mel[at]sidcity[dot]net.

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