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LAWRENCE OF ARABIA Being Developed As A Miniseries

In the wake of successful historically-based miniseries like Hatfields & McCoys and The Bible, producer Roland Emmerich is updating Lawrence of Arabia. Emmerich has begun development of his own miniseries adaptation of historical figure T.E. Lawrence, spearheaded by FremantleMedia International.

”T.E. Lawrence was undoubtedly one of the greatest military and political strategists of our time and a stunningly intrepid Englishman who tried to unite the Arab world,” said FremantleMedia CEO David Ellender. “The heritage of this story is fascinating – beyond the historical element, it’s a personal tale of emotional turmoil, identity crisis, conflicting loyalties and individual brilliance. The Middle East and Arab Spring as we know them today are linked to Lawrence’s actions, which make this epic incredibly topical. I am delighted that we are working with partners of such high-caliber to bring this project to the screen.”

Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia’ biographer Michael Korda will serve as historical consultant on the series, which features a script co-written by Rod Lurie. No casting news has been announced yet, or even which network the project would air on.

Sid fans are of course familiar with the sequel to Lawrence of Arabia, the 1992 telefilm A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia starring Ralph Fiennes as Lawrence and Siddig as Feisal. (It’s available to rent and watch online at Amazon now, by the way.)

What do you think about the idea of giving T.E. Lawrence the modern day miniseries treatment?

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