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Kingdom of Heaven

The Jitty Interviews Alexander Siddig

The Jitty has a new interview with Siddig from London Film and Comic Con last weekend. He talks about DS9, Kingdom of Heaven, and other projects.

How was Kingdom of Heaven, one of my favourite films.

It was great fun, working with Ridley Scott, one of the gods of cinema, working on a massive budget in the desert, a thousand extras as cavalry. It was proper film making from the old school.

Is he (Ridley Scott) really demanding to work for?

He’s incredibly demanding. He’s a string of swear words if you don’t get it right!

And working in that heat in armour must have been horrific?

We were working in chainmail, in 35 degree heat, for 6 or 7 hours at a time. So people were fainting, it was for real. Yeah, in the sand as well, with the sand storms kicking up. I had my cornea scratched filming one scene, and you can’t stop, you had to keep going.

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Mel started a fan site for Siddig in 1996, as a way to learn HTML and to promote his charitable endeavors. In 1998, he proposed that it become his official fan site; she quickly agreed and a long-distance friendship was born. You can reach Mel at mel[at]sidcity[dot]net.

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