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A Couple of Positive Comments About Sid in the ATLANTIS Finale

WARNING: Minor spoilers for US viewers!

The first season of Atlantis recently wrapped up in the UK, and reviews of the season 1 finale overall were mixed. However, Sid’s role as King Minos was pretty much universally praised. Here are a few comments from reviewers:

Den of Geek: “With only a few moments of dialogue, Alexander Siddig puts in a beautifully regal performance. His condemnation of Pasiphae’s actions drip with royal poise, without tipping over into melodrama. His performance, very much like Parish’s, commands the screen.”

Yahoo! TV UK: “That wasn’t the only dramatic moment however as Alexander Siddig delivered some scene commanding moments as healthy King Minos thanks to the actions of Juliet Stevenson’s Oracle.”

Atlantis season 1 is currently airing in the US; season 2 is likely to begin filming this summer with a late autumn/winter start date in the UK.

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