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Sid At FedCon23

Mel’s Note: I was hoping to have some convention reports to share in this post, but so far nothing has come in so we’ll just go with a few photos and a couple of comments.

Alexander Siddig was a guest at FedCon23 in Dusseldorf May 30-31 where he appeared on stage for a Q&A session on his own and again with Nana Visitor. Sid also signed autographs and chatted with fans who had universally good things to say about the experience.

From Tanja (The Netherlands):

I visited Fedcon23 last week and I really enjoyed the Q&A sessions of Sid and the one he did with Nana. I consider myself lucky that I was able to have a little chat with Sid during the autograph session. He is a very charming man and he has a certain calmness over him that makes you feel comfortable.

From Agent Seska (Germany):

Nana Visitor and Alexander Siddig were great on stage! It seemed they kinda forgot they weren’t alone.

Photo Credits: ConPhotographer; Annette Kroeze; Kate Andromeda; virtualnights.com; SF Series and Movies; Bunny Summers; Cassian0001;  moehrenfeld

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