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Siddig Cancels Appearance at Destination Star Trek

Destination Star Trek announced today that Alexander Siddig has had to cancel his planned appearance at the convention.

We suspected this would happen, but hoped Sid could work out scheduling. He is currently filming season 5 of Game of Thrones in Spain and will be flying to Morocco to film King Tut during his days off from GoT beginning this week, which precludes him from attending the convention.

Here’s the message Sid sent for DST3 attendees apologizing for not being there:

I fly out to Morocco on the 2nd for Tut which has already started shooting. I haven’t met the director yet and they need urgent rehearsals etc.

Then I fly straight to Spain to continue Game of Thrones before returning to Morocco to get on with Tut.

we tried everything but the producers on Tut have already bent over backwards to help schedule GoT and this was the only option left.

Love, Siddig xx

For more information about the cancellation, refunds, etc., visit the DST3 website.

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