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Sid to Co-Star in Radio Drama for BBC4

UK-based production company Goldhawk announced recently that their 10-part radio drama, Tumanbay, will air on BBC Radio 4 beginning 2 December. We don’t have a tremendous amount of information about the series yet, but we do know that Sid has been cast as “Wolf”, the third lead.


Tumanbay, the beating heart of a vast empire, is threatened by a rebellion in a far-off province and a mysterious force devouring the city from within. Gregor (Rufus Wright), Master of the Palace Guard, is charged by Sultan Al-Ghuri (Raad Rawi) with the task of rooting out this insurgence and crushing it. Tumanbay is an epic saga inspired by the Mamluk slave-dynasty of Egypt.


TUMANBAY Episode 1 – “A Head Start” by John Dryden
TUMANBAY Episode 2 – “Ship of the Dead” by John Dryden
TUMANBAY Episode 3 – “Coming of Age” by Mike Walker
TUMANBAY Episode 4 – “Hidden Knowledge” by Mike Walker
TUMANBAY Episode 5 – “Strangle Hold” by John Dryden
TUMANBAY Episode 6 – “In The Beginning” by Mike Walker
TUMANBAY Episode 7 – “A Tale of Two Cities” by Mike Walker
TUMANBAY Episode 8 – “The Purge” by John Dryden
TUMANBAY Episode 9 – “Jaws of Victory” by Mike Walker
TUMANBAY Episode 10 – “Sword of Faith” by John Dryden


Gregor – Rufus Wright
Heaven – Olivia Popica
Wolf – Alexander Siddig
Cadali – Matthew Marsh
Sarah – Nina Yndis
Ibn – Nabil Elouahabi
Envoy – Nadir Khan
Shajar – Sarah Beck Mather
Madu – Danny Ashok
Daniel – Gareth Kennerley
Slave – Akin Gazi
Al-Ghuri – Raad Rawi
Qulan – Christopher Fulford
Physician – Vivek Madan
The Hafiz – Antony Bunsee
Bello – Albert Welling
Boy – Darwin Brokenbro
Manel – Aiysha Hart
Frog – Deeivya Meir
Ila & Pamira – Nathalie Armin
Shamsi – Laure Stockley
Frog’s Mother – Sirine Saba
Rajik – Akbar Kurtha
Hameed Brothers – Christian Hillborg and Alec Utgoff
Provincial Governor – Stefano Braschi
Grassic – John Sessions
Dona Ana – Annabelle Dowler
Pesha – Sky Yang


Music – Sacha Putnam
Sound Design – Steve Bond, Jon Ouin
Editors – Ania Przygoda, James Morgan
Production Assistants – Ella Saunders, Olivia Johnson
Casting Director: Marilyn Johnson
Casting Assistants: Marta Noguera, Raj Ghatak
Researcher: Eva Kryslak
Producers – Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan, John Dryden
Written by John Dryden and Mike Walker
Director – John Dryden
A Goldhawk Production for BBC Radio 4

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