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Alexander Siddig Talks Radio Drama “Tumanbay”

Bleeding Cool has a new interview with Alexander Siddig about his radio drama, Tumanbay, which is currently airing Wednesdays on BBC Radio 4.

In the interview, Sid talks about his character, what goes into making a radio drama, and his own newfound appreciation for the medium.

I get to play Commander Wolf. Who is this amazing guy really. He’s a lot gruffer and smarter than I am. He walks with a swagger and he’s a tribal cavalry Hillman; a sort of Corsair of the desert.

Tumanbay is a wondrous, fabulous heart of a rich byzantine, hedonistic empire that is very close to being at its end, which is vulnerable to an insidious attack.

When I first looked at the script it evoked ideas of 15th century, byzantine Constantinople. Teeming rich City. The very centre of the world.

(Read the entire interview here…)

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