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GOTHAM Season Finale Preview Teases Ra’s al Ghul

Alexander Siddig’s big Gotham debut is next week in the two-part season finale, teased in the preview following last night’s episode. FOX is keeping Sid’s R’as al Ghul under wraps for the most part. The promo gives us just the teeniest glimpse, and we hear him at the end, but no clear shots. They’ve yet to release any photos of Sid in character, either, although they released a set of 30 promo photos for the finale. Building up to a big reveal?

Official synopsis:

With the deadly virus spreading throughout the city, the search for the antidote continues, as Fish Mooney (guest star Jada Pinkett Smith), The Riddler and Penguin reveal plans of their own. Bruce meets Ra’s Al Ghul (guest star Alexander Siddig) and completes his last task in order to fulfill his destiny, but realizes he can’t let go of his past. Meanwhile, Gordon tries to win back Lee, and past alliances within Gotham City are broken, while new alliances are formed in the all-new, special two-hour “Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling/ Heroes Rise: Heavydirtysoul” season finale episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, June 5 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. 



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