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Answers to frequently asked questions about Sid

Where can I write to Sid?
Sid does not have an official fan mail address at this time. We do post messages for his birthday and holiday greetings in November/December, so keep an eye out for those.

Does Sid see comments or emails?
Sid does stop by the site from time to time and periodically sends messages for us to post on his behalf. We do not forward fan mail or emails to him.

How tall is Sid?
He’s 5 feet 11 3/4 inches in his socks.

Is Sid married? Does he have children?
Yes. His wife is a “civilian”, however, so for now her identity is private. Sid was previously married to his DS9 co-star Nana Visitor. They have son together, Django El Tahir El Siddig. Read more about Sid’s life in his biography.

Why did Sid change his name?
Here’s Sid’s explanation from an October 1995 appearance, shortly after the name change was announced: “Actually my name hasn’t changed, just my stage name. One of the problems was that one of my old friends. . .didn’t know how to say my second name (El Fadil). And of course he couldn’t spell it. So we got to talking about what other names we might choose for me. And we rolled them off and we came up with some stupid names and some not so stupid names. In the end we decided we would definitely try to work out a way to try to change my name. My mother, before I was born, wanted to call me a European name and a Sudanese name. [Sid’s mother is English, his father is Sudanese.] She wanted to call me Adrian or some such name, I’m not sure what it was, and so I came back to my mother and said ‘well I think I’m going to change my name to what you probably wanted to do in the first place’ – because she was put under a lot of pressure to call me Siddig El Fadil la la la la la. . . There was a point where I was going to call myself ‘uh’ because people would walk up to me in the street and say ‘hey you’re, uh…’ That would just make it a lot easier for them. And I could just say ‘yes I am!’ Well the long and short of it was that, as much out of a sense of mischieviousness, I just changed my name…and I might do it again! I might do it again every year from now on and I’ll be remembered as the person who changed their name.”