Doomsday (2008)


27 years after an outbreak of the deadly Reaper Virus kills millions, the disease erupts in London and threatens to wipe out the entire population. Hope lies with an elite fighting unit led by the deadly and beautiful Major Sinclair (Rhona Mitra)… but they have only 48 hours to find the cure in a devastated post-apocalyptic zone deserted by the authorities and controlled by murderous gangs with a taste for human flesh!

Loaded with ferocious fights, cannibal carnage and hair-raising chases, Doomsday grabs you by the throat and won’t let go until the explosive end! Also stars Sean Pertwee (Dog Soldiers), David O’Hara (Wanted), Bob Hoskins (Unleashed) and Malcolm McDowell (Halloween).



Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, Malcolm McDowell, Alexander Siddig, Craig Conway, Adrian Lester, and Lee-Anne Liebenberg