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Reign of Fire (2002)

In a post-apocalyptic future England, an American militia leader (Matthew McConaughey) and a British “Fire Chief” (Christian Bale) must team up to fight off a brood of fire-breathing dragons that have emerged, seeking to return to dominance over man after a centuries-long rest. The British character’s mother was killed by a dragon, and now he is a fire chief leading a clan of survivors. Together with the Yank, the survivors hope to hunt down the Queen of the Dragons. Reign of Fire is directed by Rob Bowman (X-Files: Fight the Future).

Reign of Fire is now available on video and DVD.

From the set of Reign of Fire, Sid answered a pressing question for his fans:

“I wear a goatee (of sorts) in this picture – very unkempt looking as we are all urchins after the proverbial ‘armageddon’ of Dragon wrath – the entire world has been devasted by them and only ashes remain and a few struggling survivors holding out in a castle (old medieval style). I use an approximation of a cockney accent- more north London really.”

Sid also commented that he is enjoying working with director Rob Bowman (The X-Files: Fight the Future).

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Christian Bale (American Psycho)
Bale’s character is Quinn Abercromby, a “fire chief” for the new age of dragons. His character is romantically involved with Scorupco’s character.
Gerard Butler (Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000)
Butler plays Creedy.
Matthew McConaughey (The Wedding Planner)
McConaughey plays Denton Van Zan, an American militia leader battling the dragons.
Izabella Scorupco (Vertical Limit)
Scorupco plays Alex, a pilot and Bale’s romantic interest
Alexander Siddig (Vertical Limit)
Sid plays Ajay, the radio operator and best friend to Bale’s character. Ajay is half-English, half-Pakistani.

Newspaper Clipping – this clipping is courtesy of John from Galway, Ireland. It appeared in one of his local papers. (note: file is large, might take awhile to show up)

Reign of Fire – the official site