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Spooks (2003)

Welcome to the section of Sid City dedicated to Sid’s guest starring role in "Spooks" (retitled "MI-5" for U.S. airing on A&E), the critically acclaimed, often controversial BBC spy series. Sid appears in the second episode of Season 2 as as Ibhn Khaldun, an Algerian spy recruited by MI5 to infiltrate a Birmingham mosque. (We’re being purposefully vague so as not to spoil the show for viewers.)

Spooks is a series about a team of agents working for the British Security Service (MI5). The show’s first season aired in the UK in May 2002, where it soon earned critical acclaim and a cult following. The award-winning show was quite unlike anything the UK viewing public had seen, and its notorious moments such as someone’s hand being plunged into a pan of hot oil set the drama apart from the standard fare.

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Spooks – Series 2, Episode 2
Sid appears briefly in this high-octane preview for the episode. You’ll need Real Player to view.

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Spooks sparks deluge of complaints [Guardian, 06.10.03]

"Last year the BBC received a total of just 1,696 complaints about programmes. Spooks was the most complained about and the second most controversial was a programme on the Sunday before Christmas that suggested the virgin Mary had been raped by a Roman soldier. That attracted just 174 complaints."

BBC spy drama ‘incites racial hatred’ [Telegraph, 06.10.03]

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