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Un Homme Perdu (2007)

UN HOMME PERDU stars Melvil Poupaud as Thomas Koré, a French photographer who travels around the world for his research about extreme experiences. During his travels, he crosses paths with Fouad Saleh – played by British-Sudanese actor Alexander Siddig – a solitary and amnesic man. Saleh disappeared from Beirut 17 years ago and never returned. Intrigued, Koré tries to discover the history of this man, and the experience changes him forever.

The history and especially the character of Thomas Koré is strongly inspired by the photographic wanderings of Antoine d’Agata, the set consultant for Danielle Arbid.

Written and directed by Danielle Arbid, award-winning director of the feature film DANS LES CHAMPS DE BATAILLE (2004), UN HOMME PERDU is an MK2 production.

The production films in Beirut, Lebanon (Arbid’s hometown), before moving to Jordan and finishing in Paris. Tentatively scheduled for a November 2007 release.

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Melvil Poupaud (Broken English, Time to Leave)
Poupaud plays Thomas Koré, a French photographer.
Alexander Siddig (Kingdom of Heaven, Syriana)
Sid is Fouad Saleh, an amnesic who disappeared from Lebanon nearly 2 decades ago.