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Israeli Star Trek Site Interviews Sid

Israeli Star Trek fansite Starbase 972 interviewed Sid about his role in Miral, currently showing at various festivals, as well as his days as Dr. Julian Bashir and a bit about some upcoming projects. Here’s an excerpt: Starbase972: What reviews did the movie receive so far? Alexander: Mostly terrible reviews …

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Sid in Star Trek Magazine Genius Issue

Star Trek Magazine has a new interview with Sid in their latest issue (#27), The Genius Issue. The font in the magazine is tiny, so we’ve retyped it to spare your eyesight. “It’s weird,” says Alexander Siddig, pondering the 18 years that have passed since he first played Doctor Julian …

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Alexander Siddig Gets Candid With Ugo

Sid gave Ugo a very candid interview discussing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, particularly his displeasure with the decision to make Bashir genetically enhanced, plus his name change, some clarification about his Sudanese heritage, filming Cairo Time in Egypt, and not playing darts with Colm Meaney.

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Bidoun Magazine Interviews Alexander Siddig

In perhaps the most revealing interview ever published, Bidoun Magazine‘s Jamal Mahjoub talked to Alexander Siddig about his childhood, becoming an actor, how September 11 changed him as a person and as an actor, and more. AS: … But then go back to the Kingdom of Heaven, for example, which …

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