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VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of ‘Cairo Time’

Cairo Time opens in limited release in Canada today and all across Canada on October 16. Check out this making of video that gives a glimpse of what it’s like to film in Cairo with Rubba Nadda, Patricia Clarkson, and Alexander Siddig.

This article also chronicles some of the chaos that went on behind the scenes, including a near disaster:

During one scene, Siddig escorts Clarkson through a busy downtown area as passersby swivel their heads to catch a glimpse of Clarkson, whose long blond locks qualify her as exotic in Egypt (in fact, Clarkson admits that she got used to drawing the attention of male suitors on the street even when they weren’t filming – “I started to wear long skirts eventually,” she says with a laugh).

The script called then for a motorcyclist to interrupt the scene by whizzing by Clarkson. Problem was, the driver got a little closer than he was supposed to and very nearly rammed into the actress.

“That motorcycle really almost hit me,” Clarkson said. “Alexander grabbed me so hard I thought my ribs had shifted, permanently. But he did really save me, and it’s on film.

“It was kind of great. We caught it, and I lived.”

Did she have any words for the reckless stunt driver?

“No,” she said. “‘Cause we got the shot. We all just went home and had a drink.”

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