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Next Season of Primeval to Focus on Sid’s Character (SPOILERS)

Warning: spoilers ahead for the Primeval season 4 finale and upcoming season 5!

The finale of Primeval‘s fourth season aired last week in the UK and airs Saturday, February 12 in the US. Co-creator Tim Haines tells SFX, by way of Digital Spy, that the fifth season will further explore the mysterious motives of millionaire scientist Phillip Burton (Alexander Siddig).

“At the end of [episode] seven, there is some serious stuff starting to happen with Connor and Phillip and that’s sort of the cliffhanger over into the [fifth] series,” he explained. “You realize there’s a much bigger story beginning to brew [involving] the reason why Matt’s there.”

He continued: “Very much in the fifth series, we focus in on who’s the baddy [and] who’s going to be causing trouble, and that has an effect on our central characters.”

The creators also confirmed that a feature film version of Primeval is in the works with Warner Bros. Will Sid’s character last long enough to appear?

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