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INESCAPABLE: Joshua Jackson Talks About Filming

Fringe star Joshua Jackson appeared at WonderCon last weekend to promote his FOX genre series. In an exclusive interview with ComingSoon.net, he also talked about his experience working on Inescapable.

CS: There aren’t very many details about “Inescapable” out there. What’s the premise of the movie and where does your character fit in?
 The overall premise of the movie is a father trying to rescue his daughter, Muna. But I think the movie is really more about a man coming to grips with his own past and own story and the consequences or choices we make in our lives that lie dormant for many, many years, but never entirely go away. For myself, I play a Canadian man who works for the Consulate General in Damascus and gets himself involved in this world that quickly spirals out of control.

CS: In what ways has filming in South Africa given the movie a distinct look or vibe?
 Where we’re shooting is all in Johannesburg, and mostly in downtown Johannesburg. This is a country that obviously has had a very difficult history in the last 30 to 40 years. Even post-Apartheid, it seems Johannesburg was not initially the beneficiary of this post-Apartheid rush of development and money. It’s only come around since the World Cup was here in 2010 that the downtown of Johannesburg has really started to be re-examined as a place for people to live and work. It has that feel of sort of a failed city, which was very much the look they were trying to go for in recreating Damascus circa 2010.

CS: As an actor, what’s challenging about a tight production schedule like this?
 When you’re making a movie that quickly and on a budget, you need a lot of things to go right in order to get the film in the can. It seems like, particularly for [director] Ruba Nadda and [actor] Alexander Siddig, who have worked together before, there’s a short hand that really helps a lot of things. For myself, it really created an easy environment to step into. It’s a very relaxed set, everyone is here for the right reasons, so it’s been much more peaceful than my day job.

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