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INESCAPABLE: Sid and Director Ruba Nadda Talk About the Movie, Plus New Photos

Inescapable has wrapped production and is now in editing, reports Indiewire. The industry news outlet caught up with Alexander Siddig and director Ruba Nadda to get some scoop on the process of getting the movie funded, filming in South Africa, and more. Here’s an excerpt:

“Inescapable,” which is Siddig’s first starring role, nearly happened in the spring and then again in the fall of last year, and Siddig waited patiently for the film to come together.

“I did a lot of gardening,” Siddig told Indiewire. “I knew in my heart that this would happen and that I needed to do it, so I stayed free.”  The team just finished shooting in South Africa.

“Inescapable” is a thriller that tells the story of Adib (Siddig), who finds out that his oldest daughter has gone missing in Damascus. Adib, who has not been back to Syria since leaving 30 years ago, must confront the country he left in a search for his daughter.

“I was drawn to the character because I am a father,” Siddig said. “What father hasn’t worried what would happen if his daughter was in trouble and thought about what he would do?

“When I first read the script it was a bit slow, so I told Ruba. By the time she handed me the shooting script, it was at breakneck speed!”

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We also have two new photos from the set. One is of Ruba and Sid preparing for a scene, taken by Kelly Walsh, and the other is of Sid and co-star Saad Siddiqui between scenes, taken by Sid’s brother Tom Birkett.

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