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INESCAPABLE: “Alexander Siddig is by far the best actor in the film…”

The reviews for Inescapable coming out of Toronto are mixed, and few single out Sid’s performance for more than a general “well done”, but Sight and Sound has a pretty thorough write-up with a terrific review for Sid that is worth sharing:

Alexander Siddig, an actor who has never become a household name in Canadian film despite having worked on a steady amount of projects, some for which he collaborated with director Ruba Nadda, is by far the best actor in the film. He is a strong dramatic performer, capable of making the viewer believe that the weight of the world very well may be resting on his shoulders. He knows how to play the part of a character who can trudge along despite a heavy heart. He gets angry while never sending his own performance into cheap melodrama. He is, on the whole, quite a classy, sophisticated actor, someone the viewer can naturally gravitate towards and easily cheer on.

(Read the full review here…)

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