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Sid Guest Stars In Another Doctor Who Audiobook from Big Finish

Head’s up, Whovians! Alexander Siddig provides his lovely voice to another Doctor Who audiobook from Big Finish, 1001 Nights, coming December 31. (Pre-order from Amazon UK.) We asked Sid about what took him back to the studio to work with the Big Finish team again, and here’s what he said:

1001 Nights was my latest one night stand with Big Finish – it’s such fun playing audio stuff because it’s just you and the mic and no mirror or powder anywhere. It’s the only job in the world where making rude noises isn’t just acceptable but essential!

Directed by Barnaby Edwards, who played a Dalek on the TV series, 1001 Nights takes place in the perfumed palace of an omnipotent Sultan (Alexander Siddig.) In this episode of the audio series, a girl must tell stories to keep the man she cares about from a cruel and horrible death. She spins tales of distant lands she has visited with a mysterious traveller, of fabulous creatures and fantastic adventures – and of a blue box that can travel in time and space. Meanwhile, in the dungeons below the throne room, there lurks a secret which will bring down the kingdom – perhaps even the universe.

Listen to the audio trailer here, and see if you can recognize Sid’s voice.

The rest of the voice cast include Peter Davison (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Nadim Sawalha (Old Man), Teddy Kempner (Nazar), Kim Ismay (Lottie/Woman Stallholder), Malcolm Tierney (Gantha/Warder), Debbie Leigh-Simmons (Elizabeth Spinnaker/Bessie/Crying Woman), Christopher Luscombe (Alien Psychiatrist/Balladeer), Oliver Coopersmith (Hill/Archie).

Big Finish sent over some photos of Sid with co-stars Sarah Sutton and Nadim Sawalha from the day they spent recording their parts. Enjoy!

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