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DA VINCI’S DEMONS: More Information About Sid’s Character

Starz! has updated their Da Vinci’s Demons site with information about supporting characters, including Alexander Siddig. Previously Sid described his character as “an Obi-Wan Kenobi type” to Tom Riley’s Da Vinci. The Starz! site identifies him as Al-Rahim, aka “The Turk”, and describes him thusly:

The mysterious Turk – or Al-Rahim – is an enigmatic and ethereal character who is instrumental in helping Leonardo Da Vinci in his search for the Book of Leaves. Al-Rahim draws a connection back to Leonardo’s mother and tells Leonardo that everything he has forgotten about her will one day become clear. Realizing Da Vinci’s intelligence and genius, he wants Leonardo to go in search of the book as he believes that fate has chosen him, and Da Vinci seems happy to take on the challenge. Although the Turk returns to guide Da Vinci in his search it is unclear if Al-Rahim is an actual man or rather a figment of Da Vinci’s hyperactive imagination.

That’s an interesting twist, that Al-Rahim might be a figment of Da Vinci’s imagination. I hope they keep us guessing all season!

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