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Holy Warriors (2014)

Official Synopsis
Saladin’s great army have corrected a great wrong by taking Jerusalem back for Islam, after the barbaric slaughter of their people one hundred years ago. But for Muslim and Christian alike Jerusalem is a Holy City. Across England and Outremer, nobles answer the call to arms from Richard the Lionheart to march on Jerusalem in the third crusade and retake the Holy City from Saladin.

Written by David Eldridge (Festen, In Basildon), Holy Warriors is a tale of holy war, fraught diplomacy and revenge in the struggle for Jerusalem, taking in over a millennia of bloody conflict, as Richard the Lionheart marches east to face Saladin, and take Jerusalem.

Alexander Siddig as Saladin; Daniel Rabin as King Guy of Jerusalem; Geraldine Alexander as Eleanor of Aquitaine; Ignatius Anthony as Reynald of Chatillon; John Hopkins as Richard the Lionheart; Jonathan Bonnici as Al-Afdal; Jolyon Coy as Philip of France; Kammy Darweish as Al-Din; Sean Murray as Balian/Pope Urban III; and Sirine Saba as Berengaria of Navarre/ Queen Sibylla.

Show Information
Various dates July 19-August 24, 2014 (click to book tickets)

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